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Our Vision: To be committed followers of Jesus Christ, united in sharing God's amazing love with our community.


2101 Millbourne Road West 

The goal of the Millbourne Community Life Centre is to connect and interact with the immediate community surrounding MCLC, and the greater Mill Woods area as a whole.

We can only do this if there are opportunities for us to interact and come into contact with them. The first year will be gathering information and feedback to help us generate information and ideas for the development of future programs/ministries. Secondly, we need to raise our profile in the community, pique peoples’ curiosity, and plant ourselves on their radar. We will establish community-wide events to establish a positive and “value-added” mentality with the residents of the community. We want  MCLC to be a welcoming and accessible place for our community.


We recognize that every person and every family has different needs at different times in life. Our hope is that at Millbourne Community Life Centre, you’ll find something that fits you! Whether it’s for children or seniors, education or recreation, in winter, spring, summer or fall, we’d love for you to spend some time with us!


We are a Christian-based community centre which welcomes anyone and everyone to take part in the programs, services, and events held here.


Over the past few years, SEAC has increased its influence and profile in the Mill Woods community by partnering with various agencies within the area, as well as opening up many of their own ministries and programs to those living within walking distance of the church.

We hope to grow and develop our current partnerships, as well as connect with other organizations and agencies in the area to make the most of our facility and resources. We are looking for chemistry and synergy with our partners, hoping to work together to improve our community and make a tangible impact on their quality of life and access to needed programming and services. Listed below are some of the partnerships that we have already welcomed into Millbourne Community Life Centre.

Our current partners:

Multicultural Alliance Church

Youth Unlimited

Christian Immigrant Support Services

Refugee Medical Clinic

Light of Life Church

Far East Broadcasting Company

Boy Scouts

We Can Food Baskets

Community Pantry

Fraternity Immigration Service

Conversation Cafe

Millwoods Friendship Centre

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